Smoked sausage products

Traditionally, this kind of sausage is made by using butcher shop leftovers, which are mixed with herbs, spices and salt. Subsequently, the ‘rookworst’ is dried and then smoked, which gives the product its name (which translates as 'smoked sausage').

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Unrefrigerated smoked sausage (rookworst)

Unrefrigerated smoked sausage (rookworst)

This smoked sausage is a variant of the chilled smoked sausage and is characterized by its soft texture without a clearly noticeable casing. Some consumers consider this to be more pleasant to eat. Small children also have less trouble chewing such a smoked sausage. This product has a longer shelf life, even when it is unrefrigerated, which makes it suitable for making in large batches at the beginning of the season with less chance of the product spoiling. For retailers, this offers more flexibility in terms of organizing their stock in dependence on weather forecast-dependent sales fluctuations.


In the previous century, techniques were developed in order to produce a smoked sausage in such a manner that it was already cooked and only needed to be reheated by the consumer. The smoky aroma of this smoked sausage could also clearly be tasted.

This product at Compaxo

By means of our modern production techniques, at Compaxo we know how to consistently create great smoked sausage.


Compaxo offers this type of smoked sausage in many varieties and sizes. For example, the lean smoked sausage is a sausage which contains no more than 16-20% fat. The beef smoked sausage is a sausage made exclusively from beef. Finally, we also offer Gelderland and handmade smoked sausage. In addition to the usual 'horseshoe' shape, which is available in weights between 100 and 475 grams, we also offer straight variations, which makes the sausage ideal to be eaten with a bread roll. We can also pre-slice the smoked sausage. The slices make a perfect mealtime addition.

Recommendations and facts

Although smoked sausage is considered a typical winter product, this sausage, which has a long-shelf life even when it is unrefrigerated, is also perfectly suitable as a party snack in the summer. The lean variant, in particular, is a splendid snack when served in slices on a plate on less cool days.

The above mentioned examples are just to give you an impression of what we are able to. Are you looking for something else? Feel free yo discuss this with us and ask for the possibilities.
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