Smoked sausage products

Traditionally, this kind of sausage is made by using butcher shop leftovers, which are mixed with herbs, spices and salt. Subsequently, the ‘rookworst’ is dried and then smoked, which gives the product its name (which translates as 'smoked sausage').

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A knockwurst looks a bit like a hot dog. A traditional knockwurst differs with it's crunchier bite. In the Netherlands, this product is popular at lunch or as a snack.


Just like the hot dog, the knockwurst is derived from the German Frankfurter, and is therefore actually a Dutch variety. It is smaller in size than a smoked sausage. When breaking the traditional knockwurst variety, there is a 'knack' sound, which gave the sausage its Dutch name (knakworst), which was corrupted in English to become knockwurst.

This product at Compaxo

Compaxo's knockwurst has a more crunchy outer layer than our hot dog, and is traditionally made. It is a fresh sausage, so we advise to store it in the fridge. The knockwurst has also undergone a smoking process.


The knockwurst is also a popular product for catering firms, and we can also offer this product in larger quantities.

Recommendations and facts

Do you need a quick lunch or dinner? Then put a knockwurst on some bread, cover it with pickles, mustard and sauerkraut, and you've got yourself a meal.

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