Smoked sausage products

Traditionally, this kind of sausage is made by using butcher shop leftovers, which are mixed with herbs, spices and salt. Subsequently, the ‘rookworst’ is dried and then smoked, which gives the product its name (which translates as 'smoked sausage').

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A hot dog is a sausage which resembles a small smoked sausage, has a diameter of 20 millimeters and is often associated with bread rolls, sauce and onions. It is a lunchtime product, and people often eat it on the go after buying it from a street vendor.


It is believed the hot dog was created in America, inspired by the famous German 'Frankfurter'. A German immigrant, a butcher by trade, supposedly copied the Frankfurter and went to sell them at a baseball game. This may also explain the connection between baseball and hot dogs. His wife suggested that he sell the hot dogs in a bread bun, so that he would not burn his hands. Because he loved his dog so much, the butcher also named the little sausage rolls 'Dachshund sandwiches'. He also drew a cartoon of his dog and put it on his snack trolley. The local paper noted the growing popularity of the snack, and named the product after the cartoon on the snack trolley: hot dog.

This product at Compaxo

Compaxo's hot dog has a light-pink/red color and is somewhat more mildly spiced and ground than the smoked sausage. The dimensions of our hot dogs have been measured such that they are perfect for eating in a bread roll. Our hot dogs have been smoked. In comparison to our knockwurst, the hot dog has a slightly more flexible texture, which combined with its smaller size makes it an ideal product for small children.


Our hot dogs do not have to be refrigerated. We also sell the hot dogs in larger batches, which can be beneficial for hotel and catering firms. We have chicken, beef and pork hot dogs on offer.

Recommendations and facts

The hot dog is very popular in America, and the average American eats 75 hot dogs per year.

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