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The name 'raw meat products' is somewhat debatable, because it is not the case that the products are fresh or unprocessed. The meat has been processed in a way that dates back to the stone age. The butchers at the time rubbed the meat with salt which...

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Smoked dried beef

Smoked dried beef

This red-colored, traditional Dutch product has a pure, beefy taste and the salt which is used in order to preserve the product is also clearly distinguishable. The smoky flavor in this product is just a little more prominent than in other products in this category, on account of the smoking process being carried out a little more intensively. Due to the drying process, the product has a firm texture without losing its tender structure. This lean meat is considered to be a perfect diet meat product.


Smoked dried beef can be made from various whole parts of beef, such as the rump, and the topside. The part used also defines the quality of the meat product. The product was developed when Dutch farmers were unable to sell parts of meat from large cows in a short period of time, and by means of this preservation technique were able to increase the shelf life of the meat.

This product at Compaxo

At Compaxo, we make sure to take great care when selecting our beef suppliers. Once the meat has been delivered, we know how to create a delicious beef product, that without too many additives is still incredibly natural. In comparison to other raw meat products, we smoke our smoked dried beef extra intensively over beechwood chips.


We can offer our smoked dried beef in a variety of shapes and sizes, such as cut or as a bulk piece. We can also offer types of smoked dried beef in lightly-salted variants, which adds to the healthy image this diet meat product has.

Recommendations and facts

Smoked dried beef is a great protein-rich diet meat product.


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