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The name 'raw meat products' is somewhat debatable, because it is not the case that the products are fresh or unprocessed. The meat has been processed in a way that dates back to the stone age. The butchers at the time rubbed the meat with salt which...

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Bacon is a product that can be eaten throughout the year in various meals. It is especially popular as a sandwich filling. The tradition of eating bacon for breakfast was started in Britain, and this has since spread worldwide. Bacon's taste is so popular that it is even imitated in other snack items, such as nuts and chips. Due to the way it is made, bacon has a salty flavor and has a somewhat drier and coarser structure than streaky bacon.


Bacon originates from the fatback of the pig.

This product at Compaxo

Compaxo has a great deal of experience with bacon, with its own subdivision at its location in Zevenaar, which is completely dedicated to the export to the British market. The production of bacon always requires salting, but apart from that we believe that this type of product should remain as natural as possible. For this reason, we choose to limit the amount of additives we use in our process.


We can offer bacon in a variety of shapes and sizes. We can cut the product into slices, strips or cubes. In most cases, we offer the bacon smoked, but we can also produce it unsmoked as British back bacon (or as semi-raw bacon). British back bacon differs from Dutch bacon in that it is not dried or smoked, but only salted and sliced more thickly in a traditional British manner. If the customer then prepares it at home, a specific, finer flavor occurs.

Recommendations and facts

The average consumer may be slightly confused as to the difference between streaky bacon and other kinds of bacon. In the Netherlands, the difference is that streaky bacon is fattier and has a more tender taste than other kinds of bacon.

The above mentioned examples are just to give you an impression of what we are able to. Are you looking for something else? Feel free yo discuss this with us and ask for the possibilities.
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