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We created this category because these products are unique and don't really fit into our other categories. However, we still want to be active in these areas, as this group contains products which take up a large place in the Dutch market, and even worldwide.

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Liver sausage

Liver sausage

Liver sausage is a traditional product which has many regional varieties throughout Europe, and the Netherlands are no exception. The product has a creamy, soft texture. Liver sausage is available both spreadable and creamy as well as hard and sliceable. Its uses are quite diverse: spread on bread, as party food or as a snack on a piece of toast.


Liver sausage was developed out of creativity, due to a number of raw materials requiring a use. These were combined with other raw materials, and thus given added value to become the product we know today. For this reason, it was regarded as a very innovative meat product at the time.

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In order to prevent taste and moisture from becoming lost, we bind the product in an airtight exterior. This ensures that the unique taste is not lost either. Our unique blend of spices is a crucial factor. The addition of a drop of vanilla flavoring in our liver sausage complements the naturally bitter taste of liver.


In terms of flavor variants, we offer a large number of options when it comes to liver sausage. We have many regional varieties on offer, such as, for example, the Hausmacher. We make both spreadable and sliceable liver sausage. In terms of shape, we can offer liver sausage both sliced and as a slice pale.

Recommendations and facts

The savory taste of liverwurst is delicious in combination with sweet products.

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