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We created this category because these products are unique and don't really fit into our other categories. However, we still want to be active in these areas, as this group contains products which take up a large place in the Dutch market, and even worldwide.

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Kassler rib

Kassler rib

Kassler rib as a meat variety is a product which is salted and seasoned. It is a product that is often eaten as a sandwich filling, but is also popular in traditional Dutch stamppot. In terms of flavor, it has similarities with cooked ham. The product may have a smoky taste, as a result of the preparation process which it has undergone.


The product originates from the rib chop of the pig.

This product at Compaxo

Compaxo's kassler rib is characterized by its brittle texture and light coloration. We believe in the meat's intrinsic quality, and do not use too many additives so that the meat stays as natural as possible. The preparation of the kassler rib is similar to that of ham, but we do not categorize it as a ham product, as we do not use those parts of the pig for the kassler rib. The final preparation step involves intensive smoking of the kassler rib over beechwood chips, again in order to keep it as natural as possible.


We can slice this product ourselves, or deliver it in half-finished form for others to slice.

Recommendations and facts

Use kassler rib as an ingredient during stamppot season and mix it into the sauerkraut instead of bacon pieces.

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