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We created this category because these products are unique and don't really fit into our other categories. However, we still want to be active in these areas, as this group contains products which take up a large place in the Dutch market, and even worldwide.

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Blood tongue sausage

Blood tongue sausage

Blood tongue is a very authentic meat product. It is very natural due to its pure, meaty taste. This product is especially popular in the north of the Netherlands. It is a product that has undergone complex and careful processing. Blood tongue is characterized by its unique cross section, which has a beautiful, mosaic-like pattern. The ingredients used in this product are eaten individually in various parts of the world as delicacies.


Blood tongue was developed out of creativity, due to a number of raw materials requiring a use. These were combined with other raw materials, and thus given added value to become the product we know today. For this reason, it was regarded as a very innovative meat product at the time.

This product at Compaxo

With our years of experience, we have developed our own way of preparing this creative product. Most of the ingredients of this product are cooked right before being mixed together, which means that timing is everything. We bind the product in an airtight intestine, which ensures that it retains its unique flavor.


We can offer this product as a slicing log, bulk or sliced.

Recommendations and facts

Due to its unique taste, blood tongue is best enjoyed when eaten on a slice of bread with butter.

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