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We created this category because these products are unique and don't really fit into our other categories. However, we still want to be active in these areas, as this group contains products which take up a large place in the Dutch market, and even worldwide.

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The berliner sausage is recognizable due to its white rind, which can be seen especially when it is cut and laid out in slices. It has a relatively firm structure, is well sliceable and varies from the liverwurst by having a larger slice caliber. This is because the berliner is usually eaten on bread. The berliner is also available spreadable.


Whether the berliner has anything to do with the city of Berlin is as much of a mystery as the link between the hamburger and the city of Hamburg. In any case, the berliner was developed out of creativity, due to a number of raw materials requiring a use. These were combined with other raw materials, and thus given added value to become the product we know today. For this reason, it was regarded as a very innovative meat product at the time.

This product at Compaxo

At Compaxo, the berliner is a work-intensive product. The addition of many ingredients requires much attention from our employees.


On account of the berliner usually being sold sliced, we offer this product as such, but we also sell it half-finished so that other companies can portion it themselves.

Recommendations and facts

Leberkäse, a relative of the berliner, is sold in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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