Ham products

The market for ham has now become an enormous market. It is a product that is eaten all over the world, and is produced in countless varieties. Hams are 'single products', which implies that they are made from one whole cut of meat.

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Ham shoulder
Ham shoulder

Ham shoulder

In comparison to leg ham, ham shoulder has a slightly firmer structure and is darker in color. This makes it easier to shape the product. It is one of the most popular meat products and is eaten throughout the year on various occasions. It is therefore suitable as part of a meal, sandwich filling, snack or warm meal.


Ham shoulder comes from the front part of the animal, hence its name. The pig actively uses this part more, and for this reason it contains more muscle tissue. For this reason, the product has a somewhat harder and firmer structure and contains less fat. Just like leg ham, it generally has a shorter shelf life than raw meat products that have undergone different processing. As a result, the product only really became popular after the invention of the fridge.

This product at Compaxo

At Compaxo, we believe that ham is a product which should be as natural as possible. It already has its own pure meat taste, and therefore requires few additives. As a result, our ham is characterized by its good, neutral flavor.


The pieces of the shoulder are easy to structure, so the product is ideal for forming into many different shapes. For example, the product is highly suited for forming into toast-sized pieces, or into cubes for salads. We are also able to prepare the ham shoulder in a traditional variant with great craftsmanship.

Recommendations and facts

In general, ham is a relatively healthy meat product. It has a low fat content, is high in required proteins, low in added sugars and has not undergone much processing.

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