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Grilling meat is probably one of the oldest meat preparation techniques. Originally, meat was tied to a wooden stick and cooked over a campfire.

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Roast beef

Roast beef

Roast beef is a very popular product in the Netherlands Due to its uncooked/raw form, the product requires similar treatment and has a lot in common in terms of preparation with fricandeau. The grilling process gives the roast beef a crispy crust and a red/pink interior. This is part of the reason the meat maintains its succulent mouthfeel. The pure meaty taste of the product is most prominent if it is fresh on the day, for which it must be consumed directly after being cut.


Roast beef is always made from, among others, the silverside and topside of the beef. Roast beef was the result of looking for a way in which to use steak as a sandwich filling. Steak is made from the same parts of the animal, and roast beef is therefore considered to be steak in meat product form.

This product at Compaxo

At Compaxo, we believe roast beef should be fresh. We therefore also advise our customers to buy large bulk pieces of our roast beef, and then to slice these immediately prior to being sold to the customer. This way the flavor shows itself in the best possible way. Compaxo's roast beef is made of the most delicious parts of the animal, and our grilling method gives our roast beef its unique taste.


We believe in freshness and the pure taste of meat when it comes to our roast beef, and therefore add the most needed flavors. We therefore have roast beef with a neutral taste, a peppered variety and a seasoned version with salt and pepper. We can also supply a sliced version of roast beef.

Recommendations and facts

While in the packaging, the roast beef sometimes looks a little less red than it should. While in the packaging, the meat is cut off from its surroundings, whereby it is also cut off from oxygen. If you wait a little before serving the roast beef after removing the packaging, the roast beef will regain its red color after a few minutes, once it has been exposed to oxygen for a sufficient amount of time.

The above mentioned examples are just to give you an impression of what we are able to. Are you looking for something else? Feel free yo discuss this with us and ask for the possibilities.
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