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Grilling meat is probably one of the oldest meat preparation techniques. Originally, meat was tied to a wooden stick and cooked over a campfire.

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Pork roulade

Pork roulade

Pork roulade is considered a more luxury product because its preparation takes a lot of care, and it is made from whole cuts of meat. It has a succulent, meaty taste, and therefore needs no more than a neutral spice blend, consisting of, for example, cloves. The addition of salt gives the product its pink-gray color. Pork roulade is a very popular dish during the Christmas holidays or for Sunday roasts. Pork roulade has undergone a similar preparation to fricandeau, and is therefore considered to be a related product. However, the meat used for pork is somewhat leaner.


Pork roulade is a single product, which is very natural and comes from whole cuts of meat. These cuts can be different, for example ribs, belly or ham. The type of cut also determines the quality of the product. It gets its name from the fact that the meat is 'rolled up', which was done - and still is - to ensure that the meat binds together and moisture can escape. Originally, roulade was tied with string. Later, techniques were developed in order to bind it with tin or nets.

This product at Compaxo

At Compaxo, the grilling product pork roulade is cooked over a long period of time at a low temperature, so that it gets its succulent mouthfeel.


We can make pork roulade from different cuts of meat. We can also possibly offer it in beef or chicken varieties, and add flavorings such as mustard or mushrooms to the product. Another popular variety which we offer is the chicken thigh roulade combined with shawarma spices.

Recommendations and facts

Our pork roulade is ideal when you have a lot of mouths to feed! The consumer only needs to heat the pork roulade up in the oven, most of the preparation has already been carried out at Compaxo. Because of this, it requires little attention while cooking, and a large amount can be put in the oven all at once. This allows the consumer to simply put a luxury meal on the table for a large group of people.

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