Dried sausage products

The dried sausage product group has always played a prominent role within Compaxo, and this is reflected in approximately 120 years of experience. In the past, Compaxo's sausage makers strove to stimulate the drying process in a variety of creative ways.

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In terms of flavor, this traditional Dutch sausage is comparable to cervelat, though it differs in terms of its rougher texture. This product may also have a somewhat drier taste. This is because more coarsely ground meat dries easier.


Metworst is a traditional Dutch product, which has different variations in different Dutch regions. The Dutch word 'met' is another word for offcuts, consisting of meat and fat, which is left over after cutting pieces of meat. The sausage, which was in the past intended to be eaten by farmers, is formed from these off cuts. At the time that this product was being developed, farmers thought that both their appearance and their conduct was 'rough'. The structure of the sausage was also rough/coarse, so 'boeren' was added to the name, which explains the peculiar name of this product. Literally: Farmer's off cuts sausage.

The product at Compaxo

Boerenmetworst has been an important type of sausage within the dried sausage category at Compaxo for a long time. It is characterized by a simple spice blend, and in terms of flavor is similar to Compaxo's cervelat. The coarse, crumbly structure of the product gives it a slightly more 'hand-made' appearance.


Compaxo offers the standard boerenmetworst in both ring-shaped and straight forms. We also offer this dried sausage in varieties according to regional recipes, such as the Groningen Metworst, or the Rotterdammertje ('Little Rotterdammer') which we developed ourselves.

Recommendations and facts

Traditionally, boerenmetworst is used instead of, or in addition to, smoked sausage (rookworst) as an ingredient in the Dutch traditional dish stamppot. The size and shape of the product may change from time to time. The sausages are made entirely of natural products, and because we want to maintain a level of craftsmanship, the sausage may vary from time to time.

The above mentioned examples are just to give you an impression of what we are able to. Are you looking for something else? Feel free yo discuss this with us and ask for the possibilities.
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