Dried sausage products

The dried sausage product group has always played a prominent role within Compaxo, and this is reflected in approximately 120 years of experience. In the past, Compaxo's sausage makers strove to stimulate the drying process in a variety of creative ways.

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Alsace cervelat

Alsace cervelat

In terms of taste, this product is similar to our standard cervelat, the difference being the finer cut due to the product being ground for a longer period of time. Because this product is ground for a longer period of time, and the smaller cells which are formed do not dry out as easily, this product requires a longer production time. As a result, this product is considered to be a more expensive, but higher-class product within the dried sausage category.


The product is named after the French region of Alsace, which is located in the east of France. This region is renowned for its wine culture, and this sausage is an excellent snack when enjoying a glass of wine.

The product at Compaxo

Compaxo's Alsace cervelat is characterized by its slice caliber, fine cut, mild spice blend, fresh taste and light-red coloration.


It is possible to serve the Alsace cervelat in a higher slice caliber (slice diameter). Of course, you can always request this product to be formed with the caliber of your choice.

Recommendations and facts

In France, the Alsace cervelat is used as a component in sauerkraut dishes. Serve this with a glass of Alsace wine and experience the Burgundian lifestyle.

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