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Cooked sausage products

Cooked sausage is an extensive and long-established product category within the meat products industry. It is a group of composite products, which means that (as is the case with dried sausage), several meat parts may be mixed together to create the product.

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Palingworst can be considered a variety of the cooked sausage, the difference being the succulent and coarse mouthfeel which the consumer experiences when eating this product. In addition, the presence of a smoky flavor is an important characteristic of palingworst.


Palingworst, which literally means 'eel sausage', contains absolutely no fish of any kind. Presumably, whoever named palingworst saw many similarities with the fish product. The sausage maker mixed coarse pieces of fat into the sausage, which in terms of mixture had much in common with the traditional cooked sausage. During the subsequent cooking/smoking process, this fat fused into the other components of the mixture quickly. This resulted in a more fatty sausage, which felt 'as smooth as an eel' to the touch. On the other hand, the succulent bite also had similarities to the eel. Finally, this sausage, just like eel, is also smoked.

This product at Compaxo

Our palingworst is formed from meat pieces, and is then cooked and smoked. The sausage is characterized by its spice blend composed of black pepper, mace and chili, combined with a distinguishable, flavorsome smoky taste. The addition of bacon gives this product a coarse structure and a succulent flavor. Compaxo's palingworst is pinkish-red in color.


Palingworst is often molded to a smaller caliber (diameter), so that it absorbs more of the beechwood smoke during the smoking process.Wij leveren de palingworst in een relatief klein kaliber/diameter, geschikt voor broodbeleg. Vandaar dat we dit product aanleveren in gesneden vorm en als nog te snijden bulkstuk.

Recommendations and facts

Palingworst is often molded to a smaller caliber (diameter), so that it absorbs more of the beechwood smoke during the smoking process.

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