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Cooked sausage products

Cooked sausage is an extensive and long-established product category within the meat products industry. It is a group of composite products, which means that (as is the case with dried sausage), several meat parts may be mixed together to create the product.

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Ardenne baloney

Ardenne baloney

Ardenne baloney is considered to be a relative of the Pariser, with an alternate preparation process and a stronger spice blend ensuring a more intense flavor than the Pariser. This type of sausage has an exceedingly soft texture.


Butchers used to combine leftovers from meat pieces with additives, herbs and spices to create a distinguished flavor and subsequently formed this sausage from the mixture. Smoking plays an important role in the making of this sausage, though the smoking process does carry the danger that the sausage will taste too dry. For this reason, butchers began making the sausage with a larger caliber/diameter. On account thereof, the surface area was larger, meaning that the sausage did not dry out as much during smoking, thus creating a sausage with a more succulent taste. The large, round slice which was created was the perfect size to be used as a sandwich filling, hence the Dutch word 'boterhamworst' - sandwich sausage.

This product at Compaxo

We think that our Ardenne baloney is the best, because simultaneous to the cooking process, we intensively smoke the sausages over beechwood chips for a long period of time. We ensure that the structure of the sausage is just a little finer than the Pariser variant. We select a strong spice blend consisting of black pepper, nutmeg and chili, which in combination with the smoky flavor gives this product an extremely bold taste.


We consider the Ardenne baloney to be primarily a sandwich filling, and usually deliver it pre-sliced to our customers, or as a bulk piece which the clients can slice themselves.

Recommendations and facts

We recommend that the bold flavor of the Ardenne baloney should be combined with bread, and we also think that it tastes best at lunchtime.

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