Barbecue products

Although we do not currently offer a huge variety of barbecue products in a general sense of the term, our barbecue sausage is a relatively great seller in the barbecue product category.

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Barbecue sausage

Barbecue sausage

The blend of spices used is decisive for the flavor of the barbecue sausage. In addition, this product tastes best when it is cooked on the grill by the consumer, which gives it its hearty barbecue flavor. Barbecue sausage can also be cooked in a skillet or in a fryer.


Barbecue sausage is a fairly new kind of sausage, which was developed gradually in the Netherlands when people in their masses started cooking their meals outside on barbecues. It was most likely inspired by the German bratwurst. The barbecue sausage is a composite product, which means that the product is made up of components originating from various cuts of meat.

This product at Compaxo

Our standard barbecue sausage that we currently make has an unrefrigerated shelf life of approximately 2 months. We cook the barbecue sausage in such a way that it is cooked through. This means the consumer only has to cook the sausage on the barbecue until it is warm and crispy. This characteristic gives the retailer additional flexibility to react to fluctuations in demand, with a relatively small risk of food spoiling in terms of barbecue products. The product can be kept in storage, and as soon as the weather starts getting warmer and sunnier, it can immediately fulfill the demands of any early bird barbecue chef who wants to kick off the barbecue season. Precisely at the beginning of the season, weather fluctuations are prevalent, and this has an effect on the demand for barbecue products.


For barbecue sausage, the options in terms of flavors are endless. We have developed innovative and trendy flavors, such as, for example, smoky BBQ, roasted honey, beer flavor, pulled pork, teriyaki, smoky hot cocktail, spare ribs flavor, dill and mustard, double cheese, and piri piri. We believe that barbecuing is an activity that usually takes place in large groups. We therefore believe that the packaging form and quantities can therefore be of importance, and respond to this. We can therefore create large mixed packets of various flavor varieties, as a result of which the consumer can experiment with the complete range when hosting a lot of guests. We may also be able to change the diameter of the sausage on request. Due to its preparation processes having much in common with the barbecue sausage, we can also make German bratwurst or a Southern European chipolata sausage.

Recommendations and facts

Due to its long shelf life, the consumer runs little risk of food spoilage. In addition, the long shelf life of our barbecue sausage allows the consumer to always have meat available for the barbecue, and is this way prepared for any weather fluctuations. Furthermore, our barbecue sausage contributes to food safety when barbecuing. While other types of meat may spoil on a warm barbecuing day, our barbecue sausage can even be exposed to summer temperatures without going off.

The above mentioned examples are just to give you an impression of what we are able to. Are you looking for something else? Feel free yo discuss this with us and ask for the possibilities.
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