Sliced meatproducts

Sliced meatproducts

The options at Compaxo in terms of shape and size are endless. Partly depending on the customer's aims and the market segment in which they find themselves, we can offer our products in various portions, shapes, sizes, quantities, compositions and weights to match the customer's needs.

Sliced meatproducts at Compaxo Fijne Vleeswaren B.V.


Whereas meat products were in the past primarily sliced by hand, through the years an increasing number of innovations have been developed in order to carry this out with the aid of machines. Compaxo has always had a strong focus on the sale of sliced meat products, and has always kept a close eye on developments in cutting solutions. Our department in which meat products are sliced has since expanded to become the largest department in our company, with ultramodern slicing machines. The packing process is directly integrated into our slicing process, which means that cut slices are directly packaged and that the fresh taste is maintained. Sliced meat products are simultaneously the most-sold format of product within our company. We therefore give these the attention they deserve in our process, with a management team that keeps a close eye on everything, a technical service which is constantly available to solve problems with our machines, and our own grinding shop which sharpens the machine's knives on a daily basis. We stay in close contact with our carefully selected slicing machine suppliers in terms of service, training and innovation, allowing us to deliver the slicing performance that our clients deserve.

We can deliver almost all of our products in sliced form. We can slice the products so that the slices vary in thickness, shape, finish, size, diameter and how they are positioned in the packaging. Depending on the type of product, the thickness of the slice is crucial for experiencing the flavor. You can let us know if you require any advice in terms of the desired thickness or make us aware of your preferences by contacting our sales department.