Slice pales

Slice bars

The options at Compaxo in terms of shape and size are endless. Partly depending on the customer's aims and the market segment in which they find themselves, we can offer our products in various portions, shapes, sizes, quantities, compositions and weights to match the customer's needs.

Slice bars at Compaxo Fijne Vleeswaren B.V.


Compaxo has a wide range of sliced meat products on offer. Before we slice our meat, our production department forms the product into sausage-shaped 'slicing logs'. These vary in length from tens of centimeters to more than a meter. These slicing logs are then cut into slices with great precision on one of our many extremely modern slicing machines. We regularly get requests from companies in the business to business market to deliver our high-quality slicing logs as they are. We prepare these slicing logs with as much care and attention as we give to the slicing logs which we use as half-finished products in our own slicing process. We offer a wide range of products in slicing log format. For optimal slicing performance, our sales department can advise you in relation to the correct handling of the slicing log, such as conditioning the slicing log to the correct temperature.