Shrink bag

Shrink bag

Carefully selecting packaging which suits the properties of the product is one of the most important focus areas for company management. Our technical service is constantly on hand throughout the day in order to allow all packaging processes to run as efficiently as possible, so that high-quality packaging can be produced.

Through the years, Compaxo has amassed a great deal of information and practical knowledge in relation to everything to do with optimum preservation (shelf life) and presentation. No wonder then that Compaxo has a wide range of packaging in circulation. As well as packaging a number of its products under its own label, Compaxo is also a major player in the branch in terms of producing meat products under the client's label. A considerable amount of the processing, packaging and distribution of Compaxo's meat products takes place under this private label. The collaboration with the clients which is necessary for this includes everything from design to finished packaging format. With the aid of our suppliers, there is an almost unlimited choice in terms of design and print when it comes to purchase under private label. The employees in our sales department can advise you in this and help you with orders. Generally, our products are shrink bag packed via the following packaging technique:

Vacuum-packaging: this is a packaging method based on more traditional principles. This type of packaging envelopes the product more tightly than MAP. There is no air between the product and the packaging. This makes it less likely that the upper film might accidentally be pierced. Furthermore, this type of packaging transports comparatively less 'air' along with it, which makes it more efficient in terms of transport and storage. Logistically, it therefore has an environmentally-friendly effect. Some products can even be pasteurized in the packaging, in order to increase the shelf life.

Shrink bag packaging at Compaxo Fijne Vleeswaren B.V.

Krimpzak- verpakking

Shrink bags seal the products off from the atmosphere via vacuum technology, which ensures for a strong preservation of the product. Packaging by means of a shrink bag is a very traditional method within the meat products industry and is currently used primarily for bulk products. They are notably packaged in such a way for business-to-business customers, and are usually processed meat products which are still to be processed into consumer-sized portions. In terms of applicability to the business-to-consumer market, we may also have shrink bag solutions for snack-sized goods, which may also be provided with a euro lock (hanging eye) at the top. Bulk packaging makes it extremely suitable for showing the cross section of the product (where the piece of meat has been cut open) on the shelf or the counter. This packaging is often transparent, which does a good job of highlighting the visual aspects of the product. This is symbolic for the transparency in relation to the freshness of the product. The 'shrink wrapping process' which the shrink bag undergoes causes the foil edges to disappear, which makes the product itself highly visible. All the excess packaging material shrinks to a thick edge, which can be seen on the side of the product. We have an endless choice of shrink bag sizes, allowing us to always choose the right size for the product. As a result, we can reduce the excess packaging material, which can unnecessarily reduce the presentation value of the product.

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