Non-preservative packaging

Non-preservative packaging

Carefully selecting packaging which suits the properties of the product is one of the most important focus areas for company management. Our technical service is constantly on hand throughout the day in order to allow all packaging processes to run as efficiently as possible, so that high-quality packaging can be produced.

Through the years, Compaxo has amassed a great deal of information and practical knowledge in relation to everything to do with optimum preservation (shelf life) and presentation. No wonder then that Compaxo has a wide range of packaging in circulation. As well as packaging a number of its products under its own label, Compaxo is also a major player in the branch in terms of producing meat products under the client's label. A considerable amount of the processing, packaging and distribution of Compaxo's meat products takes place under this private label. The collaboration with the clients which is necessary for this includes everything from design to finished packaging format. With the aid of our suppliers, there is an almost unlimited choice in terms of design and print when it comes to purchase under private label. The employees in our sales department can advise you in this and help you with orders.

Non-preservative packaging at Compaxo Fijne Vleeswaren B.V.

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Some clients want to be able to receive their products without these being sealed from their environment. This can add a dimension to the overall presentation value of the product. However, it may still be necessary to gather several items together, for example via mesh packaging. This packaging is comparable to the kind that is still often used to pack oranges. On the other hand, we also offer solutions for clients who wish to sell their meat products unpackaged, but still want to deliver a textual message. We are able to do this using a hanging tag in the product. Finally, it is possible to provide communicative text via a quicklock, a piece of plastic via which, for example, bags of bread are clipped. Not using preservative packaging can give an artisan feeling to products, and we have noted that there is a growing trend towards a fresh appearance and sustainability. We would like to point out that neither of the examples is possible for all our products; we only package preserved products in this way. Please contact our sales department to find out more.

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