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Carefully selecting packaging which suits the properties of the product is one of the most important focus areas for company management. Our technical service is constantly on hand throughout the day in order to allow all packaging processes to run as efficiently as possible, so that high-quality packaging can be produced.

Through the years, Compaxo has amassed a great deal of information and practical knowledge in relation to everything to do with optimum preservation (shelf life) and presentation. No wonder then that Compaxo has a wide range of packaging in circulation. As well as packaging a number of its products under its own label, Compaxo is also a major player in the branch in terms of producing meat products under the client's label. A considerable amount of the processing, packaging and distribution of Compaxo's meat products takes place under this private label. The collaboration with the clients which is necessary for this includes everything from design to finished packaging format. With the aid of our suppliers, there is an almost unlimited choice in terms of design and print when it comes to purchase under private label. The employees in our sales department can advise you in this and help you with orders. Generally, our products are flowwrap packed via the following packaging technique:

Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP): products in this type of packaging are packaged under protective atmosphere by means of a natural preserving gas, which has a bacteria-inhibiting effect, and ensures that the products are presented more nicely in terms of color. This protective atmosphere is not unhealthy. The gases which are injected are all gases which naturally occur in the atmosphere, and are simply added in a composition with different proportions. MAP’s greatest added value is that it has a high presentation value. The upper film is pulled tight over the bottom layer of the packaging, allowing more space for printing or labeling, and the visual aspects of the packaging will not deform as quickly. This increases the communication potential of the packaging. Finally, when opening MAP which has been used to package sliced meat products, the slices are more easily removed from one another than in the case of vacuum-packaging.

Flowwrap- packaging at Compaxo Fijne Vleeswaren B.V.

Transparante Flowwrap- verpakking

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Flow wrap packaging actually came about due to the idea of presenting products traditionally, but still give the product packaging a preservative function. In the past, dried sausages were hung up in the shop by a rope, without any packaging. At a certain point, the sausages were covered in paper bags/casings, with the intention of increasing the shelf life of the products. Flow wrap packaging was the result of this evolution. This packaging allowed the product to be hermetically sealed via the MAP-principle, but the sausage could still be hung up via a euro lock (hanging eye) in the shop, just as it was before using a rope. We therefore primarily use flow wrap packaging for B2C products. The sealed part which contains the product is sealed via Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) technology. Flow wrap packaging is formed by means of a machine, which wraps film around the product and seals it via heat sealing technology. A variant of this flow wrap packaging is the so-called fastpack packaging, which is used primarily for sliced meat products and works via the same principle. The ease-of-use of flow wrap packaging in relation to packaging using vacuum technology is that the flow wrap is easy to open by hand. If the product has not been completely consumed, then the rest of the packaging can serve as a useful 'storage bag' for the leftovers. In addition to the standard MAP implementation, we can also offer flow wrap packaging without preservation means, which simply offers presentation value. For example, we vacuum-pack smoked sausage, which for added presentation value is then wrapped in flow wrap. Our flow wrap packaging is also completely printable according to the style and wishes of the client. See in the attached picture how we have packaged our Brabant Metworst, with the packaging being partially printed and in part having a viewing window. Finally, we can also incorporate a plastic tray into the packaging, as can be seen below in the packaging containing two meatballs.

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