Compaxo ham and chickenbreast with superfood

The product: cooked goji- linseed chickenbreast and goji-chiaseed ham

Our R&D development has developed a protein rich, low salt ham and chicken breast, which are enriched with goji berries, linseed and chiaseed. Those additives are aggregated under the collective name of ‘superfoods’.


Superfood is a collective name of food products of which is claimed that they contain a high level of vitamins, minerals, protein, fibers and antioxidants. They should for instance improve the consumers immune system, fat burning process, libido and work preventive against heart diseases.

More healthy versus less unhealthy.

So far Compaxo and many other companies in the meat industry had adopted a defensive attitude: they mainly tried to make their processed meat products less unhealthy by a reduction in allergens, additives, salt/sodium levels, fat etcetera. This is only reasoned out of a negative perspective! With our new product we are adopting a positive attitude, in which the aim is to make our products more healthy instead of less unhealthy.

By enriching processed meat products with resources with a positive stigma, we aim to bring processed meat products in a healthy balance. We hope to offer a solution for the consumer with the following mindset: ,,If I buy processed meat products, I prefer processed meat products with superfoods, because those are enriched with healthy ingredients’’.