Manufacturing process - Logistics at Compaxo Fijne Vleeswaren B.V.


Once the products are packaged, they are kept in storage in Compaxo's own chilled, conditioned distribution hall. From there, orders are prepared and readied on a daily basis for transport. Delivering a consistent quality of fresh products succeeds or fails depending on streamlined logistics and distribution.

For this reason, we do not want to leave this responsibility in the hands of third parties. Compaxo has its own fleet of trucks, which are required on a daily basis for the distribution of products throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. They drive to wholesalers, distribution centers of retailers or cutters of sliced meat products. The fact that Compaxo has complete control over the delivery of its meat and meat products is now unique in the Netherlands. The reason for this is easy to explain. The guarantee of correct product handling and delivery, plus directly being able to respond to the wishes of the client are the main components of the Compaxo service formula. In this way, Compaxo guarantees flexibility throughout the entire vertical chain, without having to be dependent on third parties here too.

Even the maintenance of the trucks is carried out by Compaxo internally in its own garage. This then fits with the company philosophy of carrying out as much of the delivery service as possible, without having to be dependent on third parties. If there is a problem with one of the trucks right before leaving, Compaxo can react to this right away and the truck in question can still go on its way following a successful repair in order to deliver the products.