Manufacturing process - Packaging at Compaxo Fijne Vleeswaren B.V.


Once production of the meat products is complete, Compaxo carries out the packaging itself. The careful selection of packaging which has properties that match those of the product belongs to one of the most important focus areas for the company's management.

Through the years, Compaxo has amassed a great deal of information and practical knowledge in relation to everything to do with optimum preservation (shelf life) and presentation. No wonder then that Compaxo has a wide range of packaging in circulation. Both in terms of hygiene and speed, packaging processes have been optimized, and developments in this area are closely followed. Finally, fixed protocols are followed in order to check the packaged products for quality, correctness and weight, so that food safety is guaranteed.

As well as packaging a part of its range under its own label, Compaxo is also a major player in the branch in terms of producing meat products under the client's label. A considerable amount of the processing, packaging and distribution of Compaxo's meat products takes place under private labels. The collaboration with the clients which is necessary for this includes everything from exclusive recipe requests to finished packaging format and design. With the aid of our suppliers, there is an almost unlimited choice in terms of design and print when it comes to private labels. The employees in our sales department can advise you in this and help you with orders.

The packaging process takes place spread across various departments within the factory, depending on the finished shape of the product, type of product and type of packaging. In these departments, we attempt to prevent packaging waste, and our packaging experts are constantly busy searching for solutions in terms of recycling or other uses for packaging waste.