Manufacturing process

Manufacturing process

In Gouda worden alle vleeswaren van Compaxo in de fabriek samengesteld, verpakt en verzendklaar gemaakt. Middels deze pagina beschrijven wij in grote lijnen ons productieproces.

At Compaxo's location in Gouda, fresh meat is exclusively imported from carefully selected suppliers, in order to create processed meat goods from it. One of these suppliers is our own slaughterhouse in Zevenaar. On account of us having control over a large proportion of the vertical supply chain, we are very flexible and independent of third parties in our supply of our most important raw material.

On arrival, the fresh meat is immediately prepared in our butchery department for the production of our meat products. Our management deliberately decided that no premixed spice blends would be used, and that we would instead blend herbs and spices to create our own blends in our spice room. This allows us to create our own unique flavor experience and to distinguish ourselves.

Once production of the meat products is complete, Compaxo carries out the packaging itself. The careful selection of packaging which has properties that match those of the product belongs to one of the most important focus areas for the company's management.

Once the products are packaged, they are kept in storage in Compaxo's own chilled, conditioned distribution hall. From there, orders are prepared and readied on a daily basis for transport. Delivering a consistent quality of fresh products succeeds or fails depending on streamlined logistics and distribution.