Plant Zevenaar

Plant Zevenaar


Compaxo Meat B.V.

Compaxo Meat B.V. is based in the municipality of Zevenaar, in the region Gelderland. This is the second factory operating under the Compaxo Group B.V. banner. The two locations have strong links, the Zevenaar location being one of the most important suppliers for the meat products factory in Gouda.

Despite their strong knowledge when it came to the processing of fresh meat to meat products, the management at the beginning of the 70s knew that only use of the best raw materials could lead to a long-lasting reputation for quality. It was for this reason that the desire grew to realize controlled delivery of slaughter cattle, which could be made ready for processing completely under own management on location at Gouda. The slaughterhouse in Zevenaar was therefore put into operation in 1973, and has since achieved a high level of automation.

It was a conscious choice to select a location just 100 kilometers east of Gouda. The region was (and still is) home to many pig farmers. This ensured for short lines of supply, increasing the Zevenaar location's flexibility. Furthermore, there were many available employees in this sector who came from the agricultural sector. Finally, the site had an advantageous location in relation to the hinterland, which would benefit export activities. All the arguments at the time in favor of taking this decision are still applicable today.

There is almost constant innovation and modernization taking place in the interior of the slaughterhouse complex. The volume which the location processed grew to such a level that it would be able to function as more than just a supplier for Gouda. The result is that the location at Zevenaar now serves a worldwide market.

Another separate activity which takes place at the location in Zevenaar is the production and export of salted streaky bacon. Since 1982 a separate division has been organized for this purpose, with various locations for storage and processing, completely integrated into the slaughter, processing and packaging processes. This relationship offers the bacon production the advantages of short, efficient supply chains and optimal quality control of fresh raw materials. International destinations for these bacon products are, among others, the pre-eminent bacon countries of Britain and Ireland.

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